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Because a vacation shouldn't be spent doing absolutely nothing
(except in the rare occasions when it should, but then you will want to take a look at these)

The Basics Of Istrian Hedonism

From 159€ per person
It is a good thing to experience local food when you visit a new place. This is why we created this tour where you get to taste the highly praised traditional flavours of Istrian past and present.

Wine Extravaganza

From 196€ per person
Visit two of the best wineries in Istria, hear about their production processes, and enjoy tastings at each, including wines from the barrel, alongside local snacks.

Life after people

From 165€ per person
Uncover the path of stone trails which lead you to three places in Istria that were once almost completely abandoned.

Truffle Land

From 165€ per person
Experience a hunt for the mysterious and unique istrian truffle, a highly praised culinary delicacy and enjoy a home-made pasta with truffles in a beautiful setting of a local tavern.

Eat Like A Local

From 210€ per person
Go beyond the typical food establishments frequented by tourists and get a real taste of local life on this guided food tour in Istria.


Let us know what you had in mind and we'll create a tailor-made tour just for you, based on your tastes and interests.

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Mediterranean Scents

From 190€ per person
Embark on a journey that starts in the depths of the Baredine cave, emerge into the sun bathed coastal cities with immense cultural heritage, and get lost wandering through the beautiful fishermens towns.

Hidden Gems

From 175€ per person
Gems of Istria are hidden in an unspoiled countryside of medieval hilltop towns, pine forests, fertile valleys and vineyard-dotted hills that will immediately captivate you and make you fall in love with them.


E-bike Trail

Speleo Adventure

Quad Safari


Fishing Like A Local

Kayak Adventure

Tennis Lessons

Buggy Safari

Horse Riding


Adrenaline Parks


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