Become an Istrian

  • Price per person

    € 2.990

  • Trip Type

    Small Group of 8-10 people
  • Duration

    8 Days
Seven days. Nine new roles. Countless new experiences.

Let us show you how an Istrian lives and you will find out why people here are so happy and friendly. But beware, it's not easy to be an Istrian, you will have to get busy and try how it's like to be a beekeeper, winemaker, shepherd, fisherman, olive oil producer, farmer, truffle hunter, prosciutto producer and, finally, a hedonistic Istrian.

If you think you have what it takes to become an Istrian let us know, and we'll make it happen.

Day 1: arrival to pula airport

On day one you will arrive to Pula airport and check in to the hotel. After the meeting with your tour guide the rest of the first day is off.

Day 2: Beekeeper and winemaker

Let's get to work. After the breakfast you will head to a professional beekeeper where you will find out how beekeeping works, and even get some honey from the beehive. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, just like all the other roles you will take during this trip.
After learning about bees you will head to a local tavern for lunch.
Now it's time for the second role of the day, winemaker. You will learn everything about growing grapes, and how to transform them in to great wine. Of course, you will have to try some wines, how else could you know if our wine producer is legit or not??

Day 3: shepherd

We don't know if you ever daydreamed about lying on the slope of a green hill while a herd of goats roams around you and munches on some clean grass, but that is exactly what is going to happen to you on day three. Just try and remember the last time you sat down somewhere in nature and, basically, did nothing. Jes, we know, it was a strange concept for us too, but once we did it we found out how much we are missing on while trying to catch up with all the things everyday life throws at us.
After that experience you will head over to the farm and learn how goat cheese is produced, and of course try their products.

Day 4: fisherman and olive oil producer

This day will require you to wake up really early, around 5:30 AM and head to the fishing boat and set sail to the fishing nets that were set the night before. It's an amazing experience to find out how hard a fishermans life really is. After reeling in the daily catch you have to turn back to the coast and sort the fish you caught. When back at the mainland you will get to eat a great meal made from the fish you just caught.

After that you will get to know everything about growing olives. You will visit an olive grove where a professional olive producer will tell you all about those amazing trees ( some are a thousand or even more years old! ). When you learn all there is to learn at the grove you will head over to the oil mill and see how the oil is produced. Of course, another tasting is on the menu....

Day 5: farmer

Well, you knew this day would have to come. But don't be afraid, it's hard to be a farmer when you are doing it for years and years, and you are only going to be a farmer for one day. After coming to the farm you will get a farmers breakfast and, while eating, your tasks will be presented to you. You will try and do them the best you can, but there will always be someone around to help you with things you do not know how to do.

Your reward will be an amazing lunch made from the freshest produce found on the farm. After lunch there will be free time to roam around the farm and experience the amazing nature of Istrian peninsula.

Day 6: truffle hunter and prosciutto producer

This is an amazing day where you will get to experience a hunt for the elusive Istrian trufle. You will meet with the hunter and his dog in a forest known for a large number of truffles and start the hunt. The odds are on your side, so when you find the truffle you will head to the tavern where your truffle will be prepared in the form of several amazing truffle dishes. Jummy!

As if that wasn't enough, your next destination will be a prosciutto producers farm where you will find out how to age a perfect piece of prosciutto. Yes, you are right, you will be obliged to try their products and get to know how real, non-industrial prosciutto actually tastes like.

Day 7: Hedonist

And finally, the day everyone waits for, a rhapsody for all your senses. Let the hedonist games begin!

The first destination of the day will be the city of Rovinj. You are in for a beautiful sightseeing experience, and some wine tastings afterwards. After Rovinj you will head to an amazing tavern for a multi-course meal and some more amazing wine. The day does not end there, you still have two more destinations to visit today - Grožnjan and Motovun. Both are magical hilltop towns where you will get to do some more tastings and sightseeing.

Congratulations, you have become an Istrian!


Check-out after breakfast and departure from Pula airport.


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