We are so busy juggling work, science projects, carpools, after-school activities and our social life that we often don’t take time to connect with nature – or with each other – in our daily lives. For that connection to happen in it's true form, we need to disconnect from all other distractions. Nature-focused vacations enable us to unplug from technology and everyday stresses while using all of our senses to create lifelong memories.

Richard Louv, recipient of the Audubon medal and author of the bestselling book Last Child In The Woods, coined the term Nature Deficit Disorder, which he defines as “a societal term that refers to the human cost of alienation from nature. It’s the price to our mental and physical health, our ability to learn, our productivity and, particularly for children, our sense of wonder.” Let us take you offline for a week or two and your appreciation of nature, family, friends and yourself will be renewed. You’ll find that disconnecting from the grid and enjoying the real world, good food and good friends will leave you peaceful and content. You’ll discover the luxuries of silence, the wind on your face and the stars shining brightly.

So, how do we do that? Well, you'll have to leave your smart gadgets behind once you arrive here – we'll put them in a safe. But don't worry, we will give you phones that are capable of making calls and taking photos, they just won't be able to connect to the internet. And don't tell us we don't need to take your phones away and that you'll just turn them off. That's just not good enough, knowing you have access to them will tempt you in the moments of boredom. Yes, boredom, you read that right. When was the last time you sat somewhere and did nothing, thought about nothing in particular, like your job or everyday problems and had no distractions at all? Probably when you were a kid. Those are the times you can truly start to percieve your surroundings and the values of simple life. But don't worry, we'll create a number of outdoor activities and experiences for you and your family and/or friends while ensuring you get enough free time to, for example, read a book under a tree or by the pool, play games with your kids, socialise with your friends or maybe learn how to cook a fine meal for your family.
So, if you're ready and willing to leave your phones, tablets and computers behind for a while and experience the true values of life, let us know below and we'll make it happen. Believe us, you will not regret it.


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