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We are a company of young, passionate travel specialists who create customized vacations and journeys in Istria. Our services are completely based around your interests and your schedule. Our in-depth knowledge of the Istrian peninsula allows us to design experiences that are perfectly tailored to your taste.

We chose to be a small, boutique agency rather than trying to be a big company that sells everything in Istria, be it a good or a bad product. Therefore, we took a good look on the overall offer and filtered out the most exciting items that, by our standards, have that „something“ that makes them stand out from the constantly growing number of villas, yachts, restaurants, activities and tours in Istria.

That means that our accommodation portfolio will never be big in numbers, but it will be huge in terms of quality. While the accommodation is definitely a huge component in one's vacation, we are sure that the most important component falls in to the „things to do“ category. That is where we excell. Our portfolio of things to do is constantly refined and updated with new and exciting experiences that make your stay in Istria really special. Luckily, Istria is packed with amazing possibilities and it's sometimes hard to incorporate everything you would like to do, but everything is possible, which brings us to our favourite „job“ - we just love to create amazing thematic packages tailored to your wishes and needs. In the last few years we've done quite a lot of those, and in the process we found out that anything can be a theme. Take a look here to see what we mean.
So, whether you know exactly what you want to do in Istria or just need some inspiration, we are here to help you, and to create an experience that will surpass your expectations.

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So, you have a passion for photography, know a lot about Istria and would like to share it with the world? Join us and become a writer for Bookistria!

Or you love showing Istria to new people, and happen to be an excellent guide? Don't waste time, get in touch with us and let's talk.

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